The Right Relationship for Your Success.

TNT Global Partners helps companies attract and develop top executives in technology. With the rapid speed of disruptive technology and innovations, we know the importance of hiring top talent in your industry who can lead your company in keeping pace with the technological and regulatory changes that impact market share, threats, and economic conditions.

Our Services

We offer a range of in the areas of executive recruitment, executive assessment and  leadership development, and consulting support.

TNT Global Partners has connection with trusts networks, resources, and a broad base of highly talented executives around the world.

Our Expertise

  • Engineering

    Our executives focus on all areas of engineering including civil, electric, and mechanical, computer, robotics, petroleum, aerospace, chemical and materials.

  • Construction

    Strong growth 6%, our focus areas include government contracting, management, off-site construction, single-family, building information technology and green building.

  • Medical/Life sciences

    Our focus areas include biotechnology, healthcare services, medical devices and pharmaceuticals.



  • Military Veterans

    This focus area is close to our hearts and include a diversity of focus areas including government contracting and business development.

  • Technology

    Our focus areas include cloud, security, software, professional IT services and communications.

  • Diversity

    We provide the most qualified talent without bias. The power of diverse corporate leadership is a competitive edge where organizations can attain industry leadership and attract the best talent.


TNT Global has experienced consultants who have worked in the industry for over 15 years each.  Our team has successfully met each of the client’s specific needs.  With a satisfaction rate of 100 percent customer satisfaction from all of our clients, you can trust that we can be The Right Relationship for You Success.

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